Tribology for the future of mankind: feet on the ground, reaching for the stars

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges.

On one hand, we have our eyes on the stars with plans for bases on the moon or even Mars. On the other hand, the environmental impact of human activities warns us to keep our feet firmly on the ground. If mechanics is the science of motion, tribology is the science that makes it possible. It is therefore clear that whatever the challenges, tribology will have its role to play. To cite two examples; the correct selection of space lubricants and bearing materials will make possible the deployment of solar panels for the International Space Station; and the imperative for e-mobility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions requires new developments in fatigue and efficiency for high-speed powertrains.

The title of this symposium is also a reference to the two pillars of research: intuition and deduction, i.e. the audacity to propose innovative blue-sky ideas and the need to ground them in the reality of sound experiments.

This 49th edition of Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology 2024 will be dedicated to all the fields of tribology that can contribute to meeting these new challenges: space tribology, bio-tribology, fatigue and wear, lubrication modelling, extreme conditions…

The conference will be held in the peaceful venue of Valpré, near Lyon, from Monday, September 2nd to Wednesday, September 4th, 2024.

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